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Clinical Trial Recruitment

Initially, pharmaceutical companies incur a budget cost of about $500 million or more to introduce a new, safe and effective drug into the US market. Prior to marketing and launching a new drug into the marketplace, there are several steps taking place.
First, the investigational drug is tested on animals in a lab. Later on, [...]

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Turkey and Beyond Syllabus

Course Number: TUR101
Course Title: Turkey and Beyond
Course Choice of Meeting Days: To be announced (TBA)
Course Meeting Time: 6:30 – 8:30 PM
Course Meeting Place: To be announced (TBA)
Name: Pamela M. Seaton
Office Phone: 703-231-7445 and 877-244-5126
EMail Address:
Office Location: Internet virtual
Office Hours: 24 hours

Course Design: The “Turkey and Beyond” course will [...]

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The Emergence of the BRIC Group – Week 1

The first phase of Week One (1) of “The Emergence of the BRIC Group” course will examine ‘What is BRIC’ and how it is defined as a group and the political and economic dynamics. The course will also focus on the BRIC Group’s importance to the world economy, as well as the group’s economic [...]

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