Turkey and Beyond Syllabus


Course Number: TUR101
Course Title: Turkey and Beyond
Course Choice of Meeting Days: To be announced (TBA)
Course Meeting Time: 6:30 – 8:30 PM
Course Meeting Place: To be announced (TBA)


Name: Pamela M. Seaton
Office Phone: 703-231-7445 and 877-244-5126
EMail Address: pmseaton@informedbeyond.com
Office Location: Internet virtual
Office Hours: 24 hours


Course Design: The “Turkey and Beyond” course will focus on Turkey’s global presence from the Ottoman Empire period to post Empire period. The course will also examine Turkey’s geopolitical role and the dynamics of its secular versus Islamic population segments. It will also look at the effects of Turkey’s earthquake and collapse of its economy upon the future of Turkey. Lastly, the course will address the pitfalls and successes to a possible entry into the EU.

Course Objective: The topical course will enable student participants the opportunity to critically discuss, analyze, and engage in Q & A sessions of Turkey as a formidable and geopolitical and NATO player in the world.

Instructor Objective: Instructor goals are to give student participants the course tools (e.g., slide show presentations of historical data of Turkey’s Ottoman period through PowerPoint presentations.

Course Methodology: Instructor presentations of each lesson plan will be provided coupled with economic data on Turkey’s economy pre and post collapse, slide shows, and flow charts. Q & A sessions will be encouraged during the course and at the end of each session.

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