Flags of Brazil, Russia, India, and China

The Emergence of BRIC in the Global Economy

The Emergence of the BRIC in the Global Economy course is designed to examine the present and future dynamics of the four emerging economies of the world (Brazil, Russia, India, and China), and their future impact upon the developing and developed worlds. The course will also focus on the objectives and purpose of BRIC first and second summit meetings held respectively in Russia in June 2009 and in Brazil in April 2010.

Turkey and Beyond

The Turkey and Beyond course will focus on Turkey’s global presence from the Ottoman Empire period to post Empire period. The course will also examine Turkey’s geopolitical role and the dynamics of its secular versus Islamic population segments.

It will also look at the effects of Turkey’s earthquake and collapse of its economy upon the future of Turkey. Lastly, the course will address the pitfalls and successes to a possible entry into the EU.

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China's Role and Influence in Africa

The China’s Role and Influence in Africa Today course is designed to examine China-Africa trade and investment relations since the beginning of their historical and political relationship up until now. This course also looks at a few case studies (e.g. Tanzania-Zambia railways, Angola, Sudan, and South African studies) in the China-Africa relationship, as well as the benefits and pitfalls of the relationship.

For example, the labor inequalities between the Chinese and African workers in Chinese companies will be examined. China’s overall trade and investment will also be examined versus the US and World Bank’s investment in Africa.

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Topic Areas

Smart Grid Technology
US Infrastructure
US Job Creation
Foreign Policy & the US
Global Energy & Economics
Turkey & the EU
Competitors: US & China
Healthcare & Financial Reform
US IT Renaissance
Emergence of BRIC
US Cancer Clinical Trials
California vs. Texas
China & the EU
China & the IMF
Bank of the South

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